Gamers Ruining Gaming? Half-Life 3 May Never Be Released

According to this new rumor, the long-awaited next installment in the hugely popular Half-Life series from Valve may never be released. The two reasons are, essentially:

  1. Valve makes just as much money from their other properties as they would from releasing Half-Life 3
  2. If Half-Life 3 is even perceived to be less than perfect, there could be a huge backlash from their “fans” up to and including threats and/or physical attacks and other terror tactics (such as doxxing, SWATting, etc)

Personally, I find #1 to be very plausible but #2 is the most interesting. Essentially, a subsection of gamer culture has become so toxic that one of the largest and most talented game developers is, if the rumor is true, deciding to possibly no longer make games and simply relegate themselves to serving as a platform for others to sell their games upon. Because it is safer. Because some gamers act like terrorists.

You know what? If the rumor is true … I don’t blame them.



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