The FBI Doesn’t Want to Have to Force Tech Companies to Weaken Encryption

It’s never a good sign when you have to declare during a debate that “I really am not a maniac.”

The FBI continues to peddle its stance that the only way to prevent crime and terrorism is for all citizens to give up protecting their data from those who would take it from them, legally or illegally. This time the government is saying that we don’t have to trust them with the keys to our respective kingdoms, just let the corporations have them. I’m sure that there will never be a disgruntled employee that will steal customer data from the company. I’m sure that an employee of some company will never be careless with data, allowing it to get stolen along with a company laptop.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. You know who is not going to protect my data as tenaciously as I will? Literally anyone other than me. The more people that have access to my data, the more likely it will be compromised. It is that simple. I don’t care if that other party is the government, a corporation or the lady down the street (though I’m sure she’s a really nice person).



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