I’m Speaking at CodeConf

I’m going to be speaking at CodeConf 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee later this week! I’m excited to present a talk on the lessons I’ve learned in a year of being the moderator for Discuss, the official forum for the Atom editor by GitHub.

I’ve been a fan of CodingHorror aka Jeff Atwood for a number of years. Since he started Discourse, I’ve been agreeing with him more and more on the state of online discussion groups, the state of the art in online discussion software, and overall how to encourage civil discourse in online communities. Because of this, I’ve taken my role as moderator for Discuss very seriously, doing my best to create an online community where civil and helpful discussions are the rule … not the exception. With this talk, I’m elaborating on specific techniques found or self-discoveries made in my journey with the Atom community. I hope they help others or at least are interesting and entertaining!


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