The War for the Soul of Geek Culture

Perhaps the best summary I’ve ever heard that applies to the uproar in geek culture as a whole came from one of my coworkers. He asked me what Gamergate was all about, and after I explained, he paused for a moment, digesting what I’d said. Then: “So…it’s like a restaurant that always serves chicken decides to add some salad to its menu and people freak out because they think the chicken will go away.”

Well…yes. Exactly.

I think this is the first article about GamerGate that made me sad about all the horrible things that GamerGate stands for and makes me hopeful for the future. It even makes me a little sad that I’m not younger that I won’t get to enjoy the truly inclusive geek culture that will hopefully come out of all of this upheaval.

Truly worth the read.



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