More Detail About the Man Threatening to “Confront” Brianna Wu

From the link:

Even supporters of Gamergate, uneasy with his threats of violence, contacted me with personal testimony about experiences with him, which I also forwarded [to law enforcement] …

Brianna Wu in an email to

Come on! If even Gamergate’s supporters are saying this guy scares them … why haven’t the police arrested this man yet? What is law enforcement for but to serve and protect!

I’ve got so many more thoughts about this transformation of our nation’s law enforcement organizations from “citizens on patrol” into soldiers fighting a hypothetical “war”. And I think that shift in mindset has negatively impacted functions such as these … the very functions that our police, sheriffs, troopers and marshalls were originally intended to perform. But I am literally seething with anger right now … I’m going to have to write it up later when I have a clearer head.



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