Police Ask Waze to Remove Cop Tracking Feature

Over the past few weeks, law enforcement officials have been urging the app and its owner, Google, to disable a feature that allows users to report when they’ve spotted a police officer, in real time, for all other Waze users to see.

Really? So hypocritical! When the FBI is screaming “think of the children” to drum up popular support for forcing Google and Apple to remove the privacy protections they put in place recently. When the government is spying on journalists by calling them terrorists. I guess the watchers don’t like being watched back. What’s the matter? You’ve been telling the citizens all along that if we don’t have anything to hide then we’ll be fine. Got something to hide?

To be fair, I think the government systematically monitoring and spying on its citizens is reprehensible. And I believe that the rhetoric used to justify that spying is deplorable. But I also strongly feel that peace officers must be held to a higher standard than the common citizen, not a lower one.



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