Planetside 2

Once again, I am reminded why I do not play Sony games. Planetside 2 is full of bugs. How do I loath thee? Let me count the ways …

  • I use a Dvorak keyboard layout. This makes keyboard remapping a complete necessity. Which they do offer. But I have to remap even the most basic movement keys for being on foot, in a land vehicle and in an air vehicle. How about we just make movement a global setting?
  • Constant crashes. I only play for about half an hour before the client locks up.
  • There are many cases where Vanu Sovereignty purple and New Conglomerate blue are pretty much indistinguishable … cases in combat where milliseconds count. And I’m not even color blind! My best friend, Punish, he’s color blind in such a way that makes it hard to see the red in colors … like distinguishing purple from blue.
  • Graphics glitches. I had to experiment with the graphics settings for about half an hour before I could get some settings that actually worked. It turned out that I needed to set the basic “Graphics Quality” setting (that has no description tooltip) to Low. Everything else I can set as high as I like. From what I can tell, this forces the client to use the low-quality models. If I set the graphics quality setting to anything else, even Medium, I get strange artifacts where polygons aren’t erased and everyone has crazy-ass googly eyes … (it appears the eyeballs are drawn on the outside of the head).

I am soooooo glad I didn’t pay for this piece of crap. Oh, and the most hilarious part … in one of those frequent crashes I noticed something. When I went to Task Manager to kill the locked up client … it had the version number in the description: v0.470xxx. It’s not even version 1! They knew they were shipping crap.


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