noun. a statement at the end of a book, typically with a printer’s emblem, giving information about its authorship and printing.

Why yes, it does seem rather hipster of me to include a colophon on my blog. On the other hand, the colophon at the end of O’Reilly books was always something that interested me and seemed cool. So, here’s mine …

I use Jekyll, the blog-aware static site generator, to generate the content of the site from a bunch of text files.1

I write all of the articles in Atom and publish them via Git to GitHub Pages. I write everything on my 27” 2019 Retina iMac running macOS. I use various keyboards (typically with Gateron Blue keyswitches) for all my typing.

I’m using Twitter Bootstrap for the theme of the site. The top navigation bar style was generated from the Twitter Bootstrap 3 Navbar Generator. I chose TARDIS Blue and white as my colors for it.

All of the source code for the site is available on GitHub.

  1. Although, the content of the site, with the exception of a very few images, is just a bunch of text files anyway. So really, it just converts a bunch of text files of one type into a bunch of text files of another type. I’m going to stop talking now before I suck all the magic out of it. 


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